About us

The Video Vault is an organisation founded by Drum Corps Europe and Color Guard Netherlands in 2013. The media team of the Video Vault provides video productions at various CGN and DCE (related) events, including live webcasts. The Video Vault also includes an online platform for video on demand, and DVD productions. The Video Vault consists of volunteers with a passion for marching arts who love creating high quality video productions.

The start of the joint venture was an ambitious step forward in the media productions of DCE and CGN. The championships of both organisations are broadcasted live on the internet as a multi camera registration. In addition, videos of all performances are available online in High Definition quality for subscribers who pay a small yearly fee. Videos are added to the Video Vault soon after the event, so fans can enjoy the performances of their favourite groups at any time, at any place, and on any device.

If you are a non-profit organisation and you are interested in the possibilities for creating a media production for your event, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with information.

Our contact details:
Drum Corps Europe
Olmenlaan 4
3843 JX Harderwijk
The Netherlands

General information: info@videovault.eu
Support questions: support@videovault.eu

Video Vault is a collaboration between Drum Corps Europe and Stichting Vrienden van CGN. Payments will be received by Drum Corps Europe (Dutch CoC 22046733) via our payment provider Mollie.

Meet the team

Sabine Becht
Camera operator

Rob Beeren

Willem Buijs
Post production

Paul Doop
Foundation Board Member
DCE Analist

Joe Fitzpatrick
DCE Analist

Femke Goedhart
Post production

Lori Hereijgers
Post production

Marco Janssen

Nicole Kruk

Maikel Linders

Madelon Mantel
Camera operator

Marcel Matthijsse
Foundation Board Member

Steven Miller
Camera operator - Audio tech

Elma Moolenaar

Erwin Moolenaar
Camera operator - Social Media

Kevin Morgan
DCE Social Media

Robby Overvliet
DCE Host

Lynnette Prigmore
DCE Host

Savanna Vaessen

Bas Vernes † 2016
Camera operator

Amy Vink
Camera operator

Melvin van der Werf
Technical support