Frequently asked questions

Where can I ask my questions that are not answered on this page?
Please send an email to

Who or what is Video Vault?
Video Vault is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. It is founded by Drum Corps Europe and Color Guard Nederland to provide media solutions for their own organisations and other non-profit organisations. The organisation also runs a video platform with the same name. For more information, please read the About us page.

What does my subsciption include?
Your subscription provides unlimited access to the Video Vault. This means that you can watch all available video content when you are logged in and have a valid subscription. If new videos are added to the Video Vault, the full videos will be available to everyone with a valid subscription. If you want to see all content from another Video Vault site, you will need a separate subscription to that site.

When will my subscription end?
Your subscription ends after 365 days, no matter which day the subscription starts. You will receive an email reminder when your subscription is about to expire. If you want to continue your subscription, simply follow the easy steps described in the reminder email. This will add another 365 days to your subscription.

Will I have instant access when I join?
Yes, after paying for your subscription, you will get instant access to the Video Vault.

Can I order/download single files?
We don't offer this at the moment, but this may be considered this option for the future.

Can I cancel my subscription, will you refund my money?
No, we don't refund money. However we offer free short clips of the video files so you can get an impression of what you can expect before you join the Video Vault. If you don't want to use your subscription anymore, simply don't extend your subscription. Your subscription will automatically be cancelled at the renewal date.

Are other people allowed to use my subsciption?
Your subscription is a personal subscription. You can only log into to the Video Vault one time per session. If someone else logs into your account, your session is terminated. Your subscription is subject to our legal terms and fair use policy. Abuse of our legal terms and fair use policy may result in closing down your account and end your subscription without notice and without a refund of your subscription fee.

How do I pay for my subscription?
We offer the following payment methods: PayPal, Mastercard (via PayPal), Visa (via PayPal), iDeal (Dutch banks), DIRECTebanking (German, Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, Belgian, UK banks), and MisterCash (Belgian banks). No extra costs are being charged for these payment methods.

How do I renew my subscription?
Simply go to the 'My profile' page in the top menu, and click on the provided link to get another 365 days of unlimited access to all videos.

Will my subscription renew automatically?
No. When your subscription has expired you are asked to renew your subscription for another 365 days. If you don't renew you are still able to login, but full videos are disabled until you have extended your subscription. Features like Favorite videos, recently watched videos and comments will remain available to you.

What are the minimum requirements for watching videos?
If you are able to watch the trailers of the videos, then you should also be able watch the full videos if you have a subscription. The Video Vault requires a fairly fast internet connection to load and view videos. Any computer produced in recent years should be able to play the videos on the Video Vault. The most recent versions of all major browsers are supported.

The Video Vault looks bad in Internet Explorer, what's going on?
The Video Vault website does not work with Internet Explorer 9 or previous versions of this browser. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 10 or higher, or use an other browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

I am logged in, why can't I watch the full videos?
Check if your subscription is still valid by going to 'My profile' in the menu. If not, you can easily renew your subscription via the link on the 'My profile' page.

How do I add videos to the 'My favourite videos' page?
Add videos by clicking the 'Add to favourites' button below the video you are watching. The video will appear on the 'My favourite videos' page.